Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hey guys, so it's been a pretty long time since I have been on here.
 There have been a lot of changes, some good some disappointing .

 I was on a mission to get fit and healthy and to find a better  type of balançe in my life, and it was going really good for about a year and then my brain kicked in.
I know that should be a good thing that we use our brqin.. but in this way , no.
 I over thought alot of things and it led me to depression so I ended up becoming distracted and lost sight of my goals.
I sit here today trying to muster up the energy I need to get back on track and stay focused to commit to it.
 But it's been really hard this time around.
 I don't really understand CV the point to me writing to the air about these things, maybe it's just to release and finally submit it to the universe or something like this. In turn maybe the universe will heal me and give me back my drive to get back up and go again. Or maybe someone out there will find this and relate.
 Either way it's not inside me anymore and I have released some type of stress, and now I hope things will flip around and get me grounded in a very positive c way again.

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